World of food – Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is the fastest way to try a lot of different dishes and get a usually large portion of food in East Asia. In South [simpletag]Korea[/simpletag], side dishes are all you can eat and are usually offered in quite a large variety. Quail eggs, potato salad with apples, [simpletag]kimchi[/simpletag] (pickled cabbage) are all standards of the Korean BBQ. Kimchi as well as the other pickles that are served often have a pungent smell but are very tasty if you can get passed the often intense odour. Although the meat cooked on a grill in front of you is central, the side dishes are the really interesting and adventurous part of Korean BBQ.

Enjoying new foods abroad and trying to make them yourself at home, is often a gateway to discover the ethnic communities in the city you live in. After searching out ingredients it is often surprising to find large thriving communities from the countries you’ve travelled to who are excited to share their knowledge about their home countries and their local food culture.

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