World of Music: Buy and explore!

Foto: Lina Pallotta

While travelling for work or on vacation it’s good to create unique memories in every country you go. One of the best ways to preserve your memories and discover a new culture is through buying music. Around the world, there is local music that you would not hear anywhere else. Rather than searching through the [simpletag]world music[/simpletag] section of your local CD store, it’s best to buy music while on the road.

Even while travelling for work or to a resort, you still have the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a bellhop or a waiter that may help you find a local style of music or a popular CD. Anyone with local knowledge can always be helpful. Taxi drivers in the Caribbean have even been known to sell or give CDs to their passengers straight from their glove compartments. Any interest shown in the local people and how they live is often rewarded with an experience or memory that can make the most out of work travel or a resort vacation.

With so much world music produced for western listening, there is a disconnection between local genres of music and the versions of music we can buy in our own CD stores.

It’s for this reason that a record label called Sublime Frequency has taken a new approach to world music. The label produces CDs based on collected, assembled and edited AM, FM, and Shortwave broadcasts recorded in various countries. They use excerpts of bumper music, [simpletag]DJ[/simpletag] announcements, advertisements, and [simpletag]radio[/simpletag] station ID’s to create something they call “a multi-dimensional assembly of audio culture”.

Music is a powerful reminder of your trips and something that easily conveys the feeling and ambience of the countries you’ve been to.

Buy music wherever you can and check out: [simpletag]Sublime Frequency[/simpletag]’s Radio Palestine, Radio Algeria, Radio Morroco, Radio India and Radio [simpletag]Pyongyang[/simpletag].