Hitchhike in Japan

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world and makes for an ideal country to hitchhike in. As a small densely populated island nation, [simpletag]Japan[/simpletag] offers great regional diversity and rural areas that are underappreciated as destinations for travels. Although strong English language skills are relatively uncommon, Japan has an abundance of people learning English and many are more than willing to give you a ride in exchange for some practices.


1. As with hitchhiking in any foreign country, you should register with your country’s embassy so that people within the country know that you are there and your travel plans.

2. Make sure you clearly define your destination. At most, rest stops regional maps are available free of charge. These maps are written in Chinese characters (kanji) but can be used to illustrate to drivers where you are heading. A quick comparison to a language in a map in your own language will help you map out a route that will be understood by the Japanese.

3. Be up for anything. Travellers are often adopted and brought along on adventures that range from washing a relative’s gravestone to eating elaborate meals with extended family. From the [simpletag]Haiku[/simpletag] [simpletag]poet[/simpletag], Basho’s famous trip north to the modern [simpletag]TV[/simpletag] stars Saruganseki, travellers are admired and